I have two video files (mp4), matte/alpha (white silhouette) and normal. I want to create a .mov file with transparent background that is possible to play on iOS/Safari devices.

Commands I'm trying to run:

ffmpeg -i color.mp4 -i alpha.mp4 -filter_complex '[1][0]scale2ref[mask][main];[main][mask]alphamerge' -c:v libx265 -tag:v hvc1 -pix_fmt yuva420p output.mov

ffmpeg -i color.mp4 -i alpha.mp4 -filter_complex '[1][0]scale2ref[mask][main];[main][mask]alphamerge' -c:v qtrle output.mov

Expected result: Transparent background

Actual result: Background is not transparent

What I'm trying to achieve: https://rotato.app/blog/transparent-videos-for-the-web


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