I have used a GoPro Max to record a long video.

  • 8 hours.
  • indoor.
  • well lit.
  • static on a monopod.
  • spherical (360).

Unfortunately, the "World Lock" pan stabilisation messed up (not sure why) so now the world slowly spins left, even though the camera did not physically move whatsoever. I have also tried turning off World Lock but the problem persists. Being well lit, indoor footage, there are plenty of clearly defined reference points that could be used for tracking.

I have seen that it is possible to do manual motion tracking using keyframes in Premiere Pro, and that the automatic tracking only works with masks. With so much footage, however, manual methods are not really feasible. Is there a way to automatically fix the pan using tracking points?

Tagged with Premiere Pro and Resolve as I have both. Don't mind which one I use. If you have a better suggestion than either of these, I'm all ears.

Apologies in advance if this is a bit of a newbie question!


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