I am a self-taught video editor, using Premiere Pro 2021 and I am constantly tweaking my workflow to improve it. I've started using two things to do so recently - 1. nested sequences, and 2. duplicating sequences as I move from rough to fine to final cuts before making next-stage edits. But I find these two methods work against each other...

i.e. If I duplicate a sequence to move onto to a new stage (e.g. rough to fine), and then make edits to one of its nested sequences, these edits also apply to the original parent sequence (because it references the same nested sequence), meaning I can no longer go back to its original state.

So, is there a simple way to "un-nest" and then "re-nest" these nested-sequences in their new master sequence (the ways I have found are not great)? Even that feels like a workaround though tbh, so better yet, is there a better way to achieve what I am trying to do or make this workflow more efficient?


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