I have a 3840x2160 MOV file taken with my EM1.II Olympus camera. It is a videoclip of a tiny bird taken in the wild without any aids. Hence, despite the good stabilization feature of the camera, the bird moves quite a bit along the frame. I want to stabilize the video USING LINUX ONLY (Fedora 35 fully updated).

I can crop A LOT, since the bird is quite small in the frame. Yet, the bird moves quite a bit in the frame, in a circle of around 800 pixels in diameter. But the video is not "blurred": the bird is fixed and sharp most of the time, thanks to the stabilization of the camera.

I tried to install Blender, but it does not run complaining about my old video card. I then tried Kdenlive without luck: the motion tracker effect was removed last year. So the natural clues I found in Google do not apply anymore.

Anyway, there should be a good way to stabilize the video using ffmpeg and other software. ffmpeg comes with a stabilization feature, but it only works for small movements, and my movements are not small at all.


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DaVinci Resolve (free version) works on Linux and has good stabilization. I'm currently running Resolve 17 on Pop! OS 21.1 without a problem. To make a Debian type installer I used https://www.danieltufvesson.com/makeresolvedeb

Edit: Somehow missed that you are on Fedora, however it does seem like some folks have it running on that distro.


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