I'm trying to finally transition away from Premiere Pro's Legacy Titles, but I'm having trouble getting used to the "Essential Graphics".

In general I find it confusing that Graphics behave differently than clips, and my main questions at the moment are:

  • Where can I get an overview of all graphics used in a Project ? The Graphics I've created are not in the Project panel. (But the "Upgraded" graphics Premiere creates automatically, are there!)
  • How can I create a second instance of a Graphic, so that if I edit one instance, all the instances will be modified? If I Alt-Drag a graphic in the timeline, this will create an independent copy, i.e. that will be edited independently from the first.

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Answering my own question, wrapping up a thread from the Adobe Community:

  • All Graphics used in the active sequence will be visible in the "Text" panel/window, under "Graphics".

  • If you create a Graphic from scratch, it won't be visible in the Project panel, and if you Alt-drag, this will create an independent copy in the timeline.

  • Once a graphic is selected, from the "Graphics and Titles" menu, you can "Convert to Source Graphics". This will add the item to the Project Bin, and you can use the same graphic several times

From the Premiere Help:

Source Graphics are modern essential graphics that work in a similar way to Legacy Titles:

  • They have a project item.
  • You can track usage through the metadata column for Video Usage.
  • Edits made to the project item or an associated track item will ripple through all track items.
  • Note that if you Alt-drag a Source Graphics, it will be duplicated, creating a new copy of it in the Project Panel.

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