Thought this would be simple but doesn't seem so. How can I remove all numbers after the decimal point in an expression, or round down to 0 decimal places (which is the same result)

For instance I have an integer: 2903.99302 I want to remove everything after decimal place, so that it results in 2903

Can't find how to do this. Some ideas:

num = 2903.99302;
dec = num.search(".");  // OR dec = num.find(".");

result = num.substr(0, dec);


num = 2903.99302;
result = num.rounddown(0);


num = 2903.99302;
result = num.toFixed(0);

Apparently AE can also use JavaScript in recent versions. I'm on version 2021 and it's not basic javascript functions aren't recognised so not sure if there's some weird syntax...

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Normally I would use Math.round like this when trying to display text:

slider = (effect("Slider Control")("Slider").value);
tidying = (Math.round(slider * 100))/100;
SourceText = "$" + tidying + "bn" +"\r" +"DEBTS";

the .value is sometimes needed to force AE to look at the slider as a number, not as an object.

tidying is being done to round (up) to 2 decimal places \r gives a line break

text is appended with +”text”+

If you want to round down, you can use



  • I came up with this hacky way to round down but it's not as clean as Math.floor() so replaced - thanks! num= 2903.99302; fix= num.toFixed(0); len= fix.length; str= num.toString(); new = str.substr(0,len); result= parseInt(new);
    – AutoBaker
    Jan 31, 2022 at 7:12

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