Source: Quicktime movie or MP4 container which has chapter markers.

Intended output: Plain text for use in YouTube or similar services. Chapter start time code as (HH:)MM:SS at the beginning of the line followed by the chapter name.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Another Chapter
02:00 Fin

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LosslessCut (GUI for ffmpeg and ffprobe, multi-platform, free)

  1. Open video file with video markers.
  2. A dialog opens:

This file has embedded chapters. Do you want to import the chapters as cut-segments?

  • Click "Import chapters"
  1. Menu > File > Export project > Start times as Youtube Chapters
  2. A dialog with a multi line text area opens:
  • Copy the desired chapter names and timecodes
  • Offers a "copy all" button for your convenience too.

LossLessCut chapter markers 2 Import dialog LossLessCut chapter markers 3 Export start time as YouTube chapters LossLessCut chapter markers 4 Copy timecode and chapters

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