I am trying to do the same thing that the person asking this inserting video clip into another video but keep original audio question is.

My text file, concat2.txt, looks like this:

file 'GrowthFromFailureOriginal.mp4'
inpoint 0.0
duration 39:13.0
file 'GrowthFromFailureFixedSlides.mp4'
inpoint 0.0
duration 15:06.0
file 'GrowthFromFailureOriginal.mp4'
inpoint 54:20.00

Initially I tried it with outpoint, but that errored out, so I wound up getting it to run with the original instructions, using duration.

These are the commands I used:

ffmpeg -f concat -i concat2.txt -an -c:v libx264 -crf 23 -fflags +genpts spliced-vid2.mp4

ffmpeg -i spliced-vid2.mp4 -i GrowthFromFailureOriginal.mp4 -c copy -map 0:v -map 1:a Final2.mp4

It runs without erroring out, however, the file GrowthFromFailureFixedSlides.mp4 does not get inserted. When I play the resulting file, it is exactly the same as the original.

I want my original file, GrowthFromFailureOriginal.mp4, to run for 39 minutes & 13 seconds, then the video only in the original file, not the audio, be over-written with the 15 minutes & 6 seconds of the file named GrowthFromFailureFixedSlides.mp4. After the GrowthFromFailureFixedSlides.mp4 runs for 15 minutes & 6 seconds I want the original video, GrowthFromFailureOriginal.mp4, to play to its end.

Here is the output from running the above commands: Command Line Output

What am I missing? Also, if there is some other easier, close to free, way to do what I am attempting to achieve, feel free to enlighten me.

  • Use outpoint in place of duration.
    – Gyan
    Nov 18 at 4:13

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