the video mute after seeking it forward, it greated with ffmpeg, when i play it normaly (without seek it) the audio played, i am a linux usser and test it with vlc player and mpv player

i generated it with this:

 ffmpeg  -i ./08.zip.d/screenshare_1_4.flv -i ./08.zip.d/cameraVoip_0_3.flv -i ./08.zip.d/cameraVoip_2_5.flv -i ./08.zip.d/cameraVoip_3_6.flv -i ./08.zip.d/cameraVoip_3_7.flv -i ./08.zip.d/cameraVoip_4_8.flv -i ./08.zip.d/cameraVoip_3_9.flv -i ./08.zip.d/cameraVoip_5_10.flv -i ./08.zip.d/cameraVoip_3_11.flv \
-filter_complex "\
 -map "[v]"  -map "[a]"  -c:v libx264 -crf 23 -c:a mp3 -s 500x500 -shortest ./08.zip.d/0output0mp33.flv   

[1:a] and [5:a] is a main audio (other audio have small duration), if i seek after 1373197.0 ms video has been mute (when [5:a] must be played)

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