I need to live stream a website that contains image, video and audio to Twitch.tv. Researching a solution brought me to this Github example that runs on Heroku.com.


FROM jrottenberg/ffmpeg:3.4-alpine

# Run as a separate user
RUN adduser -D streamer
USER streamer

# Stream the bg.png to the channel given by the stream key. Based on https://discuss.dev.twitch.tv/t/guide-how-to-stream-a-test-image-for-extension-testing/16646
CMD ffmpeg -re -f lavfi -i smptebars=size=640x320:rate=15 -f flv -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -preset fast -r 15 -g 30 rtmp://ams02.contribute.live-video.net/app/$TWITCH_STREAMKEY

What do I need to live stream the content of a website?

(I'm open for all solutions - not only those that are ffmpeg or heroku based)

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