I have two mkv files. One of them is the episode of a series and the other one the opening which is linked in the first one. Let's call them episode.mkv resp. opening.mkv.

I also have a subtitle.srt which is used by a player (e.g. mpv) which contains the subtitle for episode.mkv and opening.mkv. Aslong as both files are present, there is no problem. But once opening.mkv is missing, episode.mkv and subtitle.srt are not synchoronized anymore of course.

Can you point me to cli tools that are aware of linked segments, which can automatically create a time corrected subtitle file from episode.mkv, opening.mkv, subtitle.srt that works with episode.mkv alone?

Any help is much appreciated!

  • Will removing amount of time of opening.mkv and adjusting from new offset do the work? Then you may use ffmpeg. Oct 17 at 13:57

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