What is a good method for upscaling 3D videos and images in video editing programs such as Adobe Premire and Power Director or frontends like FFMPEG and AViSynth? The method that I mostly used to me included a "Nearest Neighbor" resize where I do a "Same as Source" aspect ratio option with another resize filter with "Lanzcos3", "Compute Height from Ratio" and the "Y Value" being 100% in Virtualdub. That method was suggested by a user on another forum and I had to refined as I received more criticism and advice. It was only until fairly recently that I realized that this method might be outdated and I may need another, just as effective method for upscaling 3D images. I had never worked with 3D images before and I wonder what would be a good way to upscaling 3D images and videos? And do so by maintaining the aspect ratio? 3D games are different from 2D games.

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