I want to achieve a 1 hour long video from 5 second animation clip with 1920x1080p res, with best quality with an acceptable file size because currently my videos are 100gb + after I render the 1 hour long video

So Here's what I'm currently doing

First I've rendered a 4k animation that is 150 frames long at 30 fps which is a 5 seconds clip (I want a 4k format for a shorter video as well, but I want the 1 hour version to be 1920x1080p) The settings for the output are the default: PNG, RGB, Color-Depth:8, Compression: 15%

Each image is 14.7mb

Now I convert all the image sequence (150frames) into a single video using Blender with output settings: FFMpeg, MPEG-4, H.264, Perceptually Lossless, Encoding Speed:Good with 1920x1080p res

This creates an mp4 video 5 seconds long that is 78.2mb, which is way too big

Now I used Blender and Davinci Resolve to make a 1 hour long version of that same clip and both programs produce 100gb + files... The quality is acceptable but the file size is insane

If I lower the bit rate limit on Davinci Resolve it cuts a bit from the file size but it produces a very low quality video which is unusable... I tried multiple settings for export on Davinci but they all produce either very poor quality or a huge file

Blender produces same results

I tried using Handbreak to compress the clip size and then MKVTools as that's the only knowledge the internet has given me so far, but that failed miserably, first the software Handbreak is producing a very low quality compression, the clips is unusable after compressions, secondly MKVTools doesn't help with file size, it helps with speed, but it cannot create a seamless loop as it flashes after each time the clip is repeated.

I see on YouTube people are posting a very good quality 3D Loops at 1080p which are 1 hour + long and I'm just wondering how is that possible, because I've been playing around for couple of days without any luck or are they uploading 100gb files to YouTube?

Please let me know if there is any software or method that can give a practical and high quality result

Thank you !

  • You should always upload to YouTube in the best quality you can, as they reencode everything themselves. Yes, this means you will have huge file sizes. And Handbrake, like many tools, can be used to give you whatever compression you want.
    – Dr Mayhem
    Sep 13 at 9:50

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