I am planning to record video tutorials with a standard high-definition webcam from my computer, but I would like to have the facility to work with a whiteboard with PowerPoint presentation. I do not to cast my shadow onto the screen. There are excellent commercial solutions for interactive whiteboards, but I have a small budget. The most direct solution I can think of, therefore, is to do a rear projection, which may yet be what I do, but that will require twice the space (or a complex arrangement of mirrors, which I would rather avoid) which I do not necessarily have. I could alternatively use a green screen and video editing, but I find the process of presentation much easier and more natural when I am working directly with an image on the board.

The only remaining option that I can think of, therefore, is to use a large flat-screen television with a glass pane in front of it on which to write, acting as a whiteboard. I would then have to find some solution to the problem of scroll lines from the disparity of frame rate.

Is there a simple, cheap (or free) solution to avoiding scroll lines when recording television/monitors?

If not, can anyone suggest another simple approach that I have not considered?

Thank you in advance.

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