1. I understand as below, is this right?

Source Video H.264 -> HLS -> WebSocket -> Hls.js -> fmp4(H264) -> decode -> display

A. Make source video recorded in H.264 into HLS using ffmpeg.-> B. Communicate via WebSocket -> C. Convert to fmp4 (H.264) using Hls.js, etc. D. Using video.js, etc. to display and decode

I understand like this. Is this right? If I'm wrong, can you give me some advice on how I'm wrong?

  1. Can't I do this?

Source Video H.264(fragmented) -> WebSocket -> decode -> display

I can control the source video. I want to make a source video with fragmented mp4 and deliver it to a webSocket or cgi, so can't I display it right away on video js?

If there's a link to help, please share it with me.


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