As deshaker filter can't manage 360 videos, I am trying to create my own video stabilizer for my 360 videos, following a suggestion I read around: analyze a small area of the whole equirectangular frame, determine how much it shifts up/right, and use these values to calculate needed yaw/pitch rotation for equirectangular/360 video. I managed to do all these things using ImageMagick for frames analysis and FFMpeg for equirectangular rotation, but something is going wrong: I can properly detect only X/Yaw shifting, I always get 0 for Y/Pitch, and anyway there are other problems.

So, rather than keeping trying to reinvent the wheel (I thought it was easier...), I would like to try a different approach: use the output of an existing "standard" stabilizer as the input for my 360 stabilizer. Can I get the output of first pass of deshaker as x and y shifts for each frame? Or does it exist any other filter or program which can do it?

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