ffmpeg -c copy vs -copyts vs -copytb etc & similar options?

What's the overlap, differences, significances, pros cons, how, why & when TO or NOT TO use?


I am new to playing with ffmpeg and messing with AV containers, codeecs & tracks but have been reading a bit and gathered some of the following, but googling does not bring up any source that clarifies the usage & implications between them; separately and/ or combined together at times.

Here's snippets from what I gathered, but have not fully clearly understood or comprehended the meaning or implication of:

Quoting from others posts:


The "-c copy" means it will just copy the audio and video tracks without re-encoding them.

The "-copyts" flag means it will copy timestamps, which should help with syncing audio and video.


-c copy is used to copy all video/audio/subtitles streams

-copyts copy timestamps from original source (does not create new timestamps)

Are there Pros/ Cons to "Copy Timestamps" vs "Create New Timestaps"?

-copytb copy timebase which is for example, the same thing as your timeline timebase

What is "timeline base" & adding this in addition to -copy & -copyts "brings what benefit"?

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