I often end up having to record the audio more than once for some segments because of poor quality or background noise during initial recording. I use the same microphone but may be in a different room or on a different laptop. This is more of a hobby recording so I don't have a professional studio. However, I want my audio to match and more often than not it doesn't. In fact, I often can't get it to match even when recording from the same exact laptop + mic setup, just because the microphone position happens to be slightly off. This is especially noticeable if I only record a single sentence to overlay rather than an entire segment.

What are my options for remedying this with budget tools such as Audacity and Davinci Resolve? I tried playing with the equalizer and frequency response but didn't achieve desired results, granted I'm still a noob when it comes to the equalizer. Thanks in advance.

  • Resolve does have an ADR tool, but it’s basically like a teleprompter. What you need is advice on recording; microphone placement, technique, etc… stuff that would be better suited to audio production stack exchange. Having said that, ADR is always difficult, and is almost never convincing, so it’s best to get it right IRL whenever you can, and record extra “safety” performances on shoot days with the exact cast, crew, and environment, while you’ve got the chance. This is also why it’s a good idea to record a minute or two of “room tone” (silence+ambient sound) with every scene change. Aug 21 '21 at 2:38

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