My semi-smart LCD TV supports USB. I have a couple of video files on my laptop which I want to run on that big LCD TV, through a USB stick. The problem is that when I attach a USB stick containing my videos, the TV does not display anything but I can hear the audio of the videos which means the TV supports the audio codec or the container but not the video container or the codec. This is not-a-big-brand TV from some Chinese company which I bought 2nd hand and I was unable to find its documentation online, at least on English websites. Now I don't know which video codecs and container combinations this TV supports.

I know how to use ffmpeg command line tool for basic transcoding e.g. converting an AVI file to MP4 without re-encoding etc. But I don't know how can I use it to generate all the possible output format/container combinations it can support. The idea is to generate all the possible codec+container combinations, copy them on a USB stick and then try to run them on the TV. I hope it will support at least one of them.

If this is impossible through ffmpeg, is there any other software which can do this? In case that helps, I have access to both, Mac OS and Windows machines so I am open to any solution.

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