Reading through the Reference Manual of the Z6II and Z7II regarding the output HDMI options, it does not list 4k @ 60p or 1080 @ 120p through HDMI. It would suggest that external monitoring and recording setup will only be usable with 4k @ 30p or 1080 @ <100p.

The details on page 609-610 is very explicit about this, so I assume I am not mistaken. However, this leaves me wondering:

  1. For people who use the Ninja V recorder for monitoring (which supports recording of both 4k@60 and 1080@120), am I correct in my understanding that it cannot be used for recording say 1080 @ 120 fps on the Z6II or Z7II?

  2. Does it allow internal 8bit 120 fps recording, while at the same time sending an (any bit, any fps) HDMI signal for monitoring? Or, in other words, do you have to switch back and forth between external and internal recording mode depending on if you shoot slow-motion or not?

  3. Can you speculate / give insight on whether this is a limitation of the HDMI controller chip, the processing chips or memory buses, and thus something that will never be improved through future firmware updates?

Thanks for your time.


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