One of my friends have had old PC ( 2 CPU and Dual core ) and he is working on Photoshop Design department in the printing industry and now is working on designing one football Cloths ( logo pasting and ...) like done on the below YouTube video: enter image description here

So, I suggest using some 3D software like Blender, Unity, Solidworks or ...( as local or online Versions), for having more option for designing and work with the Free 3D football Cloths models on the internet like below results:  CLock)

So,based of his problem with his old PC ( low CPU Clock ), if possible i like to have some comments for finding :

Proper light CAD Software with not high CPU Usage for working on Photoshop features on the CAD files .


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  • This is not a video production question. Try asking here: softwarerecs.stackexchange.com – Matt 2 days ago
  • Thanks, @Matt, If others are thinks so i will transfer this question to that SE site. – so sa 2 days ago

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