I have 2 subtitle entries that look like this in the srt file

00:10:15,60 --> 00:10:18,00
- We're good here in the sun, right?

00:10:15,80 --> 00:10:18,00
- You need some sunscreen? I got a 70 here.

As you can see, they overlap in time. When I test the subtitles with my KMPlayer, the result is:

  1. The first sub appears at sec 15,60 on the second line on the screen
  2. The second sub appears at sec 15,80 on the first line on the screen. They both disappear at sec 18,00. enter image description here

When uploading them onto Youtube, in the Subtitles Edit window, the first sub appears on the first line and the second sub appears on the second line of the screen, which is even better to read: enter image description here

BUT in the actual YT video, the first sub appears at sec 15,60 and disappears right at sec 15,80 before the second sec appears, so the viewers could only see the second sub: enter image description here

Is this a Youtube bug or somebody could show me how to fix this, please?

  • Have you tried asking on youtube forums?
    – Dr Mayhem
    May 28, 2021 at 10:32
  • Yes I did, but I got no answer there.
    – Minh
    May 31, 2021 at 7:53


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