I know how to import other content with normal specs but these QuickTime screen recordings from my Macbook has weird FPS data. When I import these .mov files in AE or PP I get weird glitches on the screen while I am scrubbing the timeline. I am assuming it's due to the fact that I want to work in a 60fps timeline but these .mov files have off FPS data.

What is the proper way of importing files like this? I have already tried the "interpret file" option in AE but that didn't do anything either.

Quicktime screen recording specs

  • I'm experiencing the same with After Effects, very weird. Have you figured something out? I don't want to have to encode every screen capture before I can use it in AE. Nov 8 '21 at 7:55

I would try transcoding them in Media Encoder using a format useful for editing (eg ProRes or something similar) to (for example) 60 fps if they are at a variable FPS close to that, and see if it looks better.

Or try transcoding them to the frame rate you're planning to deliver at.

If you are capturing the screen recordings using ScreenFlow, there is an option to specify the frame rate. I don't think Quicktime has this.

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