I'm trying to record guitar videos for YouTube and I'm having a really hard time finding a good setup that allows me to monitor and control both of my DSLRs.

My current setup:

  • Main camera is a wide shot using a Canon SL2 with a 24 mm lens, about 5 feet away.
  • Closeup camera is a Canon T4i with a 50mm lens, focused on the guitar neck only. I shoot exclusively in my office/studio, so I don't have to worry about moving around, filming outside, etc.

My main problem is that I have to do everything myself, so in addition to being the guy sitting in the chair with a guitar, I have to position the cameras, set exposure/settings, focus, etc. It's a very frustrating process, made even more frustrating by the fact that I have a guitar in my lap and constantly have to set it down, or lean over it, to make adjustments. So a way to remotely control the camera settings and focus is essential.

The only setup I've come up with so far that works is this: I control the SL2 using the EOS Remote app on Windows 10 running on my Dell laptop. I control the T4i using the Camera Connect and Control app running on my Android phone (OnePlus 7 Pro). I used to use an older Macbook Pro for this but the fan is too loud and screws up my audio. I use CC&C because the official Canon EOS remote apps in the App Store are terrible and have been a nightmare to try to setup. The Windows app and the app I used to use on my Mac worked perfectly, so this is a major bummer.

Using the phone is kind of inconvenient so I bought a new iPad Air. Unfortunately, the CC&C app does not work on the iPad. It doesn't recognize my camera, no matter what I do. And since there is absolutely no support for that app, I seem to be out of luck. The EOS remote apps, like on the Android, have not worked at all.

Getting this all to work the way it works now has taken a very long time, with lots and lots of trial and error, and it feels very fragile. For example, maybe CC&C will stop working on my phone at some point, and then what will I do?

I'm just wondering if this kind of setup sounds reasonable/familiar to others, or whether there are other more obvious solutions that I'm just oblivious to.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

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