I have original video (with subs) and cropped version of it (without subs). I need to add subtitles from original video into cropped in appropriate time range.

I think the best way to do is:

  1. Extract subtitles from $start to $end. I found this command ffmpeg -i Movie.mkv -map 0:s:0 subs.srt. But
  • I don't know how to specify time
  • Will data in subs.srt be correct? Since I want to add subs to cropped vesrion, time of all subs needed to be $original_time - $start.
  • It extract only one track
  1. Add subs.srt to cropped video.

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The -ss and -to flag specifies start time and end time in format hh:mm:ss. Here goes the code

ffmpeg -i original_video.mp4 -ss <start time> -to <end time> -c:s copy cropped_sub.srt

This extract first subtitle stream in between start and end time in cropped_sub.srt. And now combining cropped files.

ffmpeg -i cropped_video.mp4 -i cropped_sub.srt -c copy cropped_combined.mp4

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