I am trying to replace the audio with a new audio, I have gone through some SO questions and still having trouble solving the problem. As of now, I am getting only the audio with the specified duration and only able to play it in vlc player. The video is not showing.

Can someone tell me how to properly do it?

This is the command.

process = subprocess.call([settings.VIDEO_ENCODING_FFMPEG_PATH, 
            "-probesize", "10M", "-i", input_file_path, "-i", input_audio_path, "-crf", "28",
            "-ss", 0, "-t", 50, "-vcodec", "libx264", "-b:v", "4M", "-preset", "medium",
            "-map", '0:v', "-map", "1:a", "-b:a", "64k", output_file_path])

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