I'm having problems rendering Kaomoji characters using Premiere's text tool, I'm working on a windows environment. if I copy-paste the Kaomoji below:


It is rendered like this:

On the effects panel it is shown properly though:

I've tried many fonts even installed fonts that claim to support Kaomoji but the issue persist. Maybe I should tweak some text configuration setting which I'm not aware of?


Get them to work in TextEdit first (assuming you're on a mac). Check exactly which font works in TextEdit. Then try that font in Premiere when copying the characters from TextEdit using "paste and match style" into a text box.

If that doesn't work, you might have to export from textedit as a PDF, then import the PDF in Premiere (but this means the text will no longer be editable in Premiere).

  • I'm working on windows environment :( – PaperBirdMaster Apr 30 at 7:22
  • apologies - you did say that. – tomh Apr 30 at 8:46
  • No, I didn't, I edited my post after your answer :) regardless, no need to apologize maybe your answer is usefull for other users with my problem. – PaperBirdMaster Apr 30 at 9:04

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