On a YouTube video stats, apparently, the frame rate is 30 fps:


Total video length is 1:32 i.e. 92 sec.


Total frames = frame rate x time

Total frames = 30 x 92 = 2760

So why are frames reported as 8704? Or maybe I'm wrong somewhere.

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    You're right, it should be 2760. It's not explained in the official documentation as far as I know, why it can exceed the expected number of frames. On my device it macthes the expected frame rate, also I don't have dropped frames. Seeing that you only watch a 360p video you shouldn't experience dropped frames even with somewhat older hardware. Try a different browser, make sure hardware acceleration is turned on in the browser's settings. Apart from that, your question is not really on-topic for this site, since it's basically about YouTube's website not about video production.
    – Matt
    Apr 18 at 12:11

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