i'm on kdenlive and for some reason the home and end keys aren't working ctrl+left or right takes me to the beginning or end of each clip but not home or end keys, i have no idea what's going on, any ideas? thanks

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The online documentation seems to indicate: <ctrl> +<Home> to go to the beginning of a project, and <Ctrl>+<End> to go to the end of a project ? (I found the doc with a very simple google search: kdeenlive hotkeys )

If you indeed press that, check if your keyboard is not in some kind of numerical mode: many keyboards offer different mode for the numeric-pad keys (so that you can go to numerical mode and quickly enter many numbers in a spreadsheet, or go back to the other mode and quickly use the default usage of those same keys), and a <Fn>+<some_key> (or sometimes <ctrl>+<Fn>+<some_key>) usually activates/deactivates that special mode.

  • I think you've mixed up sth. If I've understood the question correctly, the goal is to go to the clip's begin or end, not the project's begin/end.
    – Matt
    Commented Apr 15, 2021 at 20:17

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