I am producing timelapses from 12 megapixel photos taken with a GoPro, each timelapse with up to 50,000 images.
I rename all JPGs in sequence, e.g. [00001-49999].jpg and place them in a single folder.
In the Media tab, if "Show individual frames" of the three-dot menu within "Media Storage" panel is disabled, all images show up as a image sequence and can be added to the Media pool just like that.

My goal is: Using Davinci Resolve's "Data Burn-in" functionality, I would like to display the date of a shot burnt into each video frame on the lower left corner.

In "Data Burn-in" I check "Custom Text1" and in the text field use %Date Modified (that is, because for some odd reason that field doesn't work -although it is populated- I use %Comments alternatively). The problem is that this metadata seems to be available at Media Pool level only, so that there is only one metadata dataset for the whole "Image sequence" instead of many datasets, i.e. one per image.

A workaround is to import thousands of images individually to the media pool, then set still image default duration to one frame. But that makes media asset handling a lot bulkier, especially when talking about several tens of thousands of images.

To populate all single image's metadata I use Exiftool to create a CSV such as

File Name,Comments
0001.jpg,02.04.2021 19:57:20
0002.jpg,02.04.2021 19:57:50

and use "Import Metadata to...".

To create the CSV file noted above use: exiftool -DateTimeOriginal -d "%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S" -echo "File Name,Comments" -p "${FileName},${DateTimeOriginal}" *.jpg > metadata.csv

How do I make Davinci Resolve respect all single image's metadata while still using them as an "Image Sequence" asset?

  • I think I saw a thread recently on the BMD forums that mentioned using tokens in fusion text+’s. I’d try looking into that. I don’t think the data burn window updates every frame for anything other than timecode, but I could be wrong. I know .braw recently added per-frame metadata. That’d be one way to check, if you have access to some. Apr 14 '21 at 12:31

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