What is the project bin?

I went to Kdenlive's manual and it says "The Project Bin is a view in Kdenlive which lists all the clips that are associated with the project." But the problem is, that doesn't mean anything.

  • What is a view?
  • Why does the project bin exist?
  • What does the project bin do?
  • Why does the project bin do what it does?

I keep reading these articles for beginners but the most basic questions remain unanswered and I was just wondering if you guys could help. Thank you.


I'm also relatively new to KdenLive, but here is what I've learned about the Project Bin. This is where I drop video and/or image clips to add them to a project, from there I drag them onto the timeline to do the final editing.

As far as I understand it, you must load clips, images, or sounds into the project bin before you can actually use them in your project.


I see this same question cross posted on Reddit. More info there: https://www.reddit.com/r/kdenlive/comments/mhs169/what_is_the_project_bin/

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