I have an older version of Screenflow (ver 6.x) and I find that it's getting so that my videos are falling out of sync with the audio (only noticed this lately, not sure if it is tied to newer versions of MacOS or what).

Instead of relying on Screenflow to handle the incoming video and audio, I thought I would try recording audio separately on Quicktime on the same Mac - my thinking was that each would record separately and that they should be able to sync up after.

However I'm still getting some pretty significant "drift" when importing the audio into my Screenflow project!

Thus it makes me think that the video (probably) is skipping frames or something. I notice it just gets worse as the video goes on.

Needless to say right now I'm not able to use my Mac to record webcam style videos... Kind of frustrating!

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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