I'm using Trapcode Tao plugin for an audio reactor sphere . Now the only view of my sphere is depended on the Material & Lighting > Image Based Lighting > Built-in Environment and it is Dark Industrial mode

This Screenshot :

enter image description here

I just want to know is there a way to use an image (custom image) instead of this Environment inside the sphere ?

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After some research I found a solution from the official Red Giant documentation

If Built-in Environment is set to None, you can choose a layer to use as a custom reflection map using the Reflection Environment Map pop-up menu. Any image can be selected, but to make a correct environment map it should be a spherical map (also called a “lat/long map” or an “equirectangular map.” Note that a “sphere map” is something else). Note that using a very large environment map uses a lot of space on the GPU.

Just import your image and select it from Reflection Environment menu

Material & Lighting > Image Based Lighting > Reflection Environment

enter image description here

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