Very newbie with Boris Mocha. I want to use Mocha to replace a computer mouse cursor by an object. Here, with screenshots, it’s how I try to proceed.enter image description here

I then created a solid layer

enter image description here

Next, I pre-composed that layer

enter image description here

Following this tutorial :

, I applied my Mocha tracking data to my newly created comp (Red Solid 1 Comp 1)

enter image description here

But Sadly, It doesn’t work :

  • My “Red Solid 1 Comp 1” has disappeared
  • And the tracking hasn’t been pasted properly, I cannot see the tracking points within the “Red Solid 1 Comp 1”

enter image description here

What happened ? Please help!

PS: I use the latest version of AE and Boris Mocha to date, on my MBP Apple M1


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