I just got an Insta360 One R 1-inch sensor and the footage is shaky as hell. I realised that you need their desktop application to actually stabilise in post-production but since I'm on Linux this is not possible.

By probing the MP4 recorded with exiftool it's clear that there is some metadata

$> exiftool -ee -G3 PRO_VID_20210312_225421_00_004.mp4
[Doc8914]       Accelerometer                   : -0.2275390625 -1.2587890625 -0.140380859375
[Doc8914]       Angular Velocity                : 0.0109715647995472 0.0351055897772312 0.0297343395650387
[Doc8915]       Time Code                       : 238.231
[Doc8915]       Accelerometer                   : -0.21630859375 -1.263671875 -0.13916015625
[Doc8915]       Angular Velocity                : 0.0109715647995472 0.0606719367206097 0.00416799262166023
[Doc8916]       Time Code                       : 238.233
[Doc8916]       Accelerometer                   : -0.205078125 -1.26513671875 -0.135009765625

I was wondering.. is there someway to stabilise the footage by using this metadata on Linux?

When we use vid.stab or similar we usually create this sort of metadata with some analysis. But since we already have this data, there must be a way we can skip that step and use it directly?


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