I've recently successfully scanned a large number of Kodachrome slides via an Epson v550 flatbed photo scanner. My next digitization project is a small collection of family 8mm film reels.

Doing some research, digital film scanners are quite expensive for a home user. Alternative digitization methods (such as recording the projected image) may not offer the best quality or resolution. But if I needed just a single frame image from the reel, I'd just scan it with my high resolution photo scanner...

Can video film reels be digitized and scanned via a flatbed scanner?

What software and/or workflows exist to aid in scanning the multiple frames, and then in reconstructing them into a stable digital video file?

Is this method a worthwhile endeavor for a home archivist?

What rough time/effort would be required to digitize a single 8mm film reel via a scanner?


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