I need to develop plugin for Davinci Resolve. This plugin must be similar on Premiere Plugin, which can be active in the separate panel (please see screenshot).

In Premiere Pro I can write this panel on the next technology stack: js/ts+html+css+Adobe CEP(platform to interact with Adobe API).

I'm new to Davinci Resolve. Tell me the entry point in Davinci Plugin Developing.

enter image description here


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From DaVinci Resolve you can go to Help -> Documentation -> Developer. It will open the folder with available development options for DaVinci Resolve. In linux it is in /opt/resolve/Developer/Scripting/README.txt Some of types of plugins are: python/lua scripting, OpenFX plugins, Electron integrations, Fusion, Codec plugins, lut.

Explore files, there are examples there. And you can start programming.

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