I need to develop a life-size building plan, I will prepare a floor plan from any Autocad software and later send it to 6 different projectors to get a Life-size building floor plan so that the end customers can have a walkthrough of their house. it will be a 2D effect only.

Which software can help me send my floor plan to 6 projectors?

How will this entire thing work. Please share some views


You need to use video projection mapping software, and 3D rendering software. Mad Mapper is a well known projection mapping application. Blender or Cinema4D would do the 3D rendering.

  • Thanks for your inputs. I would like to know whether the projection mapping application also helps in point correction and overlapping intensity adjustments. I would like to know more about the software and its features used to develop the life-size building floor plan as shown in this URL youtube.com/watch?v=aejn1GERcYY Feb 26 at 5:43
  • There's one called Resolume that's used for concerts and live events. Part of the software is for projection mapping images to unusually-shaped displays and projection screens, but it also includes a lot of features for timing and controlling lights via DMX, which you might not need. resolume.com/software Feb 26 at 7:22

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