Over the years I have accumulated enough digital assets (mainly videos and photos) for it to become a massive problem in terms of organizing it all and then being able to find it.

I am wondering what people are using out there, regardless of the platform (even though I am deeply invested on Linux)

Here are the requirements I consider essential:

  1. Being able to identify duplicates and save storage
  2. Ability to apply multiple tags and comments to make searching easier
  3. Ability to "publish" or otherwise make visible through a controlled web server only a subset of these assets
  4. Easy way to export or otherwise create backup copies
  5. Intuitive GUI front end

I have been searching around without any luck so I am keen to hear from other in this forum.

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    I recently discovered that what I should look for is DAM Software. Digital Asset Management/ Commented Feb 24, 2021 at 20:46

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Adobe provide two useful sidekick tools to manage video filles.

Adobe Bridge is a digital asset management app fully efficient with photo and video.

Adobe Media Encoder is a is professional video converter with watch folder options, and ProRes support for Windows and Mac.

These software are not available on Linux, but their metadata and files are useful on every modern system.

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