Is it possible to record uncompressed or > 150000 kb/S video on a smartphone or tablet?

If so, how and what devices are compatible? I am able to do this with cheap logitech webcams, however the best I was able to get with multiple smartphones/tablets was with a Moto G, which recorded compressed (mp4) video at 50000 Kb/S using UHD.

Intuitively, I expected to get higher quality video from smartphones and tablets. Am I missing something?

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    This question is a bit too broad and it has a strong hardware/product research focus. Probably better suited for hardwarerecs.stackexchange.com. Also, I believe your assumption is wrong. Smartphone and tablets cameras are only good because they do a lot of smart software corrections (at least for photos). But in the end, the optics are too small to deliver high quality. Not even Apple is mighty enough to bend the natural laws of physics. So anything bigger may beat these, even if it's a cheap webcam.
    – Matt
    Feb 18 '21 at 18:42

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