I have several long videos that I need to export as individual clips, instead of a completed sequence. The goal is to have a library of clips that a coworker of mine can pull from to make Tik Tok or Instagram videos.

I've tried Render & Replace and the Project Manager's Consolidate & Transcode option, but neither achieve what I'm after. The exported clips have no color correction, no stabilization, no keyframes, and they don't reflect how they were sized/cropped within the sequence (for example the clips I filmed 16x9 but were cropped in the 9x16 sequence export as their 16x9 originals).

The only real workaround I can think of is to turn each clip into a nested sequence and then select/export those from the Project window. That will become a time consuming process and I'm hoping there's a faster way.

TL:DR - Is it possible to batch export individual clips from a sequence with the effects, sizing, etc. applied?

  • The nesting method I mentioned does work...and it's as time consuming as I figured it'd be.
    – Manly
    Feb 18, 2021 at 14:46


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