I'd like to buy or assamble small usb stereocam like RaspberryPi but I need only to grab image for programming in Python. I don't need its processor (or I can be able to use it in my code somehow? I don't know how). I would use two web cams but I need fixed orientation of them to each other. Also I disappointed in my web cam that it has bad focus so the image after 3 feet is very blury. So can you help me choose stereocam which has parameters:

  1. Don't need to set focus by hands.
  2. Can be assembled or be able to assemble.

I think I can use RaspberryPi but I don't know which cams will be good for it and if it can be used on Windows like two ordinary webcams.

  • Shopping help questions are off-topic.
    – Matt
    Feb 13 at 23:36

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