Until now, I used to upscale my 1080p 60fps video timeline to 4k 60fps (even 2k 60fps) to get vp09 codec. I have not seen many youtube videos using the av01 codec (very few YouTubers are getting that codec, eg Mr. Beast, CarryMinati...) Is this codec limited to very big YouTube channels? (Even MKBHD's videos don't get AV01 codec)

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    You have no control over how YouTube re-encodes your videos. You might be able to slightly influence their process by providing higher or lower quality source media, but at the end of the day, they’re going to use whatever’s best for them. Plus, they often re-encode to multiple formats and only serve appropriate ones based on a users’ player configuration and connection speed. Best practice is to give them the highest quality they’ll accept, and be done with it. There’s also no guarantee that they won’t change the format over time, as demand fluctuates, or technologies change. Feb 15 '21 at 16:04

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