I want to measure the appearance quality of motion against a variety of OBS settings in a talking heads video.

What is a good way to test for motion in a video recording/capture running 15-60 minutes? A metronome with a piece of paper with text attached comes to mind. For a 30 second test, I just wave my arm a few times. Is there a common practice or suggestion for motion? (Color bars and tv test patterns are used for testing and correcting television settings.)

I am recording zooms with OBS (not streaming) comparing different settings, equipment, conditions and file size testing in my home office/studio - optimizing and eliminating possibility of smear, lag, choppy appearance or anything that looks low grade.

The professional deposition recordings I am preparing for are talking heads with some document shares. But, when heads move or arms sweep across, I need to be sure nothing looks weird or low quality.

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