I will be running an undergraduate student conference on Zoom, where I will be inviting speakers to talk and present (using the screen sharing function). I have a Zoom premium account (but unfortunately not a Webinar account) to do this, but to get around the limit on attendance, I plan on live-streaming the conference to YouTube using the in-built streaming function provided with Zoom.

During the conference, there will be a period of time where one speaker is leaving and another is joining the meeting and setting up. Ideally I would ‘pause’ the stream from Zoom so that those watching on YouTube don’t see/hear the speaker joining, but having tested this, the YouTube stream ends after a certain period of time so this option seems too risky!

I know how to control the video displayed on the YouTube livestream (by using ‘Spotlight’ feature on Zoom), but aside from muting people in Zoom I can’t find any options to control the overall audio that is sent from Zoom to YouTube.

Is there any way to control the overall audio/video from the Zoom meeting that is live-streamed to YouTube, either on the Zoom end, or the YouTube end?

As a potential compromise, is it possible to run two sources into the same YouTube livestream (using the same Stream URL + Stream Key)? While I pause the Zoom livestream, another source (on a friend’s computer, potentially) can keep the YouTube running, and when my speakers are ready I can continue streaming the Zoom meeting?

I am aware that I can screen capture the video + audio using OBS, but I have run into problems when sharing screens and I am limited by my technology, time available and lack of a budget! I’m also not sure how much the quality of the stream will degrade using this option.

Tech/software I have available: 2017 13-inch MBP running MacOS Mojave, Zoom Premium (meetings only). I appreciate that the ideal solution will probably require an expensive/time-consuming solution, so worst-case scenario is I just live-steam the whole meeting and give my speakers a warning that they are live as soon as they join the meeting!

Apologies for the long text, and thanks in advance for your advice!

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    I don't think there are advanced audio controls. You can reuse the same stream key, stop one feed and start the other, but it's far from ideal. I'm afraid I don't have other suggestions, other than using more suitable tools for conferences/webinars.
    – mcont
    Feb 13 at 11:44

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