my composition width is 4480

I have 2 layers with a gradient ramp on each

once I've entered the start and end position of the gradient on the first layer I need to have the opposite equivalent start and end position values of that gradient generated in the second layer's gradient.

So with a comp width of 4480 if gradient 1 start x is 1000 and end x is 1250 then gradient 2 start x should be 3480 and end x is 3230. The Y is going to have a fixed position.
Ideally I'd like to tie in the start x and end x of the first graident to an expression control such as a slider so i can adjust the position of the points simultaneously.

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This is very similar to your other question: In After Effects how can I generate the value of an opposite x position and then send that value to an effect on another layer?

The answer is the same. Use a pick whip to link two controllers together.

  • yes i tried the answer on the other question but that seemed to duplicate the output of the first gradient onto the other layer, if i change the start point on gradient 2 as on the answer on the other question then it shifts the two x's apart so i figured i must be asking the question incorrectly. I'm obviously a bit lost when it comes to pickwhipping two controllers together to get the desired outcome
    – tpg
    Feb 8, 2021 at 17:28

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