I have a LIVE streaming video which have an m3u8 file, but in that stream I can only go 40s backwards. That means it only has 4 segments which are 10s long.here's the link to m3u8 file(it might not be available because the stream ended earlier today.) So in this case, I can't download it with vlc media player. Can anyone tell me a software, which can stream it and store the received segments of the video? (this is not a VOD type m3u8, this is a LIVE type one....)

  • Is the stream somehow copy protected? If yes, downloading would be illegal, so there's no need to discuss this case further. If it's unproteced you can always watch it live and record the screen or dump the feed directly to disk. You already discovered you cannot go back more than 40s in the past, which indicates that a download is probable impossible. You could provide more details of the stream format, maybe someone can conclude something from that. But for now your question lacks the details to answer it. – Matt Feb 6 at 15:53
  • @Matt no it is not copy protected....It is an online class, I have permission to record it.I just don't know how. – donthababakka Feb 7 at 8:43
  • @Matt do you think a powershell script would do this task? – donthababakka Feb 7 at 8:45
  • Any script or programming language that fulfills turing completeness helps. But you still need to find out what instructions to write. This is only possible if you know what format the stream is. You still haven't told us that, so we can't help. The only tip I can give you is use OBS to record the screen. Or contact the course provider and ask for a download link. Strictly speaking your question is off-topic too, as this site is for video production and it is now clear, that your intent is not related to any production topic. – Matt Feb 7 at 11:25
  • @Matt sorry about that. It is in .ts format... – donthababakka Feb 7 at 16:02

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