enter image description hereI am using the command below to drawtext with rotation. This works but when set fontcolor=black It becomes transparent color. I am not understanding the reason.

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -filter_complex "color=black:100x100[c];[c][0]scale2ref[ct][mv];[ct]setsar=1,drawtext=fontfile='font.ttf':text='Test Text':fontsize=36:line_spacing=3:box=1:boxcolor=red@1:fontcolor=black,split[text][alpha];[text][alpha]alphamerge,rotate=45:ow=rotw(45):oh=roth(45):c=black@0[txta];[mv][txta]overlay=x='min(0,-H*sin(45))+100':y='min(0,W*sin(45))+50':shortest=1" output_video.mp4

The method in my old answer was a workaround due to a limitation in drawtext filter at the time of writing. It's easier now.

You're getting transparent text because the textcolor is used to set both the color as well as its opacity intensity, and since black represents 0, the text disappears.

Anyway, it's simpler after ffmpeg 3.1

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -filter_complex "color=black@0:100x100,format=yuva420p[c];[c][0]scale2ref[ct][mv];[ct]setsar=1,drawtext=fontfile='font.ttf':text='Test Text':fontsize=36:line_spacing=3:box=1:boxcolor=red@1:fontcolor=black,rotate=45:ow=rotw(45):oh=roth(45):c=black@0[txta];[mv][txta]overlay=x='min(0,-H*sin(45))+100':y='min(0,W*sin(45))+50':shortest=1" output_video.mp4

  • thanks a lot for your help.
    – Tulshi Das
    Jan 12 at 6:12

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