I'm starting a low budget project that needs thousands of short videos like this one.

I'm not an expert, neither a video production hobbyist, I don't know anything about Video Production. I did a little research and purchased a black muslin background, and two dimmable ring led lights.

The ideal result I'd like to achieve is like the following image:
Girl with nice lightning at the front and pure black background

The thing is that I want the actor's clothes to be distinguishable from the background, while wearing a nice dark grey t shirt like in the photo. I was thinking about using one light as back light for a soft "white aura" at the borders of the actor's clothes and hair.

actor clothes are dark grey polos

The muslin alone doesn't make a pure black backdrop, so at post production I'm going to lower the shadows and brighten the middles and lights (?).

But can I use a back-light and a fill light to achieve this?

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