I'm working on a magicians show.

They need some videos to be played during it, but the timings of their work could vary.

So I was wondering if I could find some kind of software that could be used to control how videos do play, and that they could control with a keyboard. It would be quite simple, they idea is to have some videos that would loop, waiting for a "user" action.


  • video A >>>
  • video B - video loop - when key is pressed, plays until its end then goes to...
  • video C>>>
  • video B - video loop - when key is pressed, plays until its end then goes to...
  • video D
  • etc.

I used to do this with Flash back in the days.
Maybe is there a better tool to achieve this now, and which would handle videos in a better way (Flash was bad for videos !)

Thanks !

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For live event video display, I would search for "VJ software." Because (a) I'm a video editor who uses DaVinci Resolve in his daily life and (b) I sometimes make typos when performing internet searches, I've stumbled across a piece of software called "Resolume," which appears to be highly regarded in this space, although I cannot comment on its quality or efficacy. https://resolume.com


I think you can achieve this with Fast Video Cataloger. videocataloger.com I would test using playlists and Custom Actions. I am not sure if it covers what you need but can be worth a test. Create a catalog with your videos. Tag these with keywords.


For macOS check out VDMX. You could also try processing.org and create something that can do exactly what you need.

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